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Special Needs Health Plans Can Save You Dollars

I recently received a call from a potential client suffering from Diabetes that realized he missed the annual enrollment period for changing his Medicare insurance plan.  He was horrified that he’d be married to his current plan for another year.  I explained several options that were exceptions to the rule, and determined that since he is diabetic, he’d have a special enrollment opportunity to change to a different plan. Much to his surprise, this Special Needs plan will literally save him thousands of dollars this year alone.

Many people are not aware these Special Needs Health Plans exist.  They are designed to reduce the out of pocket expense for people with certain medical conditions like diabetes and some heart diseases. Companies providing these plans frequently offer reduced co-payments and special enrollment periods.

The insurance companies realize certain medical conditions will require more frequent doctor visits, medication and monitoring to help keep you healthy. By reducing the out of pocket expense to manage your disease, you’re much more likely to visit your doctor regularly and in the long run, avoiding expensive hospital stays. This saves the insurance company money as well.

This reduced cost allows you access to better care and helps keep symptoms and other conditions at bay.   Many of these plans also come with gym memberships and transportation at no additional cost!

Living with diabetes or heart conditions doesn’t have to break the bank.  You can get help with your much needed care and save money too!


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