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Medicare Under 65


There is a broad misconception today that you need to be over 65 to be on Medicare.
Sadly, due to disabilities, many Americans on Medicare are under 65.


Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare advantage plans have a set co-pay for services with most insurance companies. In the case of an individual with certain, specific conditions, you may be eligible for a special needs plan.  There are many plans for people with diabetes and certain heart conditions.  In addition, several companies also offer a plan for those individuals on Medicare and AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System).  Individuals with these plans, have Medicare because they qualify at certain poverty level.  These folks can also apply to receive help with dental assistance, transportation,  and over the counter prescription benefits at no additional cost.

Overcoming Challenges

Special Needs Help

Individuals with challenged incomes can also receive help with their prescription drug cost through governmental programs.  Help is there for those with challenges.   It just takes the right plan for your special conditions. Individuals with income challenges and certain health circumstances can qualify to receive help.  In addition, if you quality for these plans, there is no waiting for the typical annual enrollment period.

If you think you may qualify or are uncertain, or have any questions regarding Medicare and being Under 65,  please call me today at 480-220-7233 for more specifics about these type of health plans!  There is help waiting and I would be happy to  help  make that positive difference for your health care!

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